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River Banks 2015

Ink on paper

78/105 cm (part_1)

78/53 cm (part_2)

A diptych from the Primates series

The drawings depicting various human-ape hybrids, creating a world that is seemingly familiar yet extremely strange. It remains unclear who or what these ape-people are - are they a previous stage in human evolution or rather, the next one; what is their natural habitat; what do they feel, or think. They defy any and all definition, yet they create a sense of familiarity and compassion through their all too human expressions, hand gestures and sitting positions. This brings to mind Freud’s concept of “The Uncanny”, as these ape-people create a sense of anxiety or unease in which something strange appears in a familiar context, a moment of estrangement that is very substantive as it touches on the very core of our being.

Installation view

River Banks 2015

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